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BN2N would not exist without our volunteers. We are an all-volunteer organization and rely on those who are willing to donate their talents and time to assist their neighbors – frequently people they do not even know.

Our volunteers do it because they care about others and want to contribute. They create a strong network of resources that enables our older residents to stay connected to the people and activities that are important to them.   

Our volunteers select the type of assistance they will provide and when. Emails are sent to volunteers with information on member requests. Volunteers select the requests they will fulfill based on their availability. Most activities are about 2 hours in duration.

We welcome volunteers and members of every race, color, gender identification, faith, sexual orientation, and cultural group. 

Town residents of all ages are encouraged to become volunteers. We are looking for volunteers who can do any of the following:


Volunteer Opportunities

  • Drive members to appointments, run errands, grocery shop, or to attend a concert or movie
  • Do light household tasks including small repairs, organizing cupboards, putting away groceries
  • Guide members learning new technology like smart phones, tablets, TVs
  • Assist on committees such as membership, volunteers, fundraising, publicity
  • Process members' service requests and staff the BN2N phone line 

Examples of services we do not provide include:

  • Medical, personal and respite care
  • Work that requires licensed professionals like plumbing and electrical
  • Fiduciary assistance such as managing a checkbook or paying bills



Volunteer Eligibility

  • Pass a background check (CORI)
  • Drivers have a good driving record and maintain valid driver’s license and current automobile insurance
  • Attend required training sessions
  • Have technology devices and applications for communications purposes – home computer, email account, and voicemail on primary phone
  • Meet our current Covid vaccine policy requirements


If you would like to become a volunteer, please send us a message using the Contact feature.

You can also call us at 508.418.9220.